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Donation by Coalition of Violence Against Women (COVAW) and Africa Biosystem

November 05, 2013

The current Government Chemist Mr Ali Gakweli receiving DNA testing kit from the representative of the Africa Biosystem looking on was  Mr John Mungai the head of Forensic science services

The Government chemist Mr.  Ali Gakweli (right) receiving some of the DNA Life technology equipment  from the Deputy director Coalition of Violence Against Women (COVAW) Ms Lydia Muthiani to be used in testing DNA in Government chemist. The equipment was donated by Africa Biosystems Limited. November 5 2013

Coalition of Violence Against Women (COVAW) donated a DNA testing kit to assist in pursuance of Justice in matters of gender based Violence in Kenya .

The kits they donated helps with the collection of DNA evidence that then links the suspects to the crime scene ensuring a sure conviction.

The donation of the test kits for DNA sampling will help law enforcement officers to build strong cases against criminals such as rape offenders and murderers